Learning piano

The most important thing in our approach is quality!  The lessons are about learning to play the instrument in a very healthy and correct way.  This will allow the students to approach all the repertoire they would like to play, from Bach, to Beethoven, to Chopin, to modern composers. Children are encouraged to learn to love and to get a deep knowledge of music, so that this love will be a good life companion.

The four most important columns in this process are musical understanding, technique, rhythm and a method of how to learn in the most effective way. When those four aspects are in balance, the path you choose to take will be most delightful.

Musical understanding is not only about reading the notes (even though in the beginning it is one of the most important aspects) or what all the Italian words mean, but about understanding the composers intentions, the different feelings and characters in music and how this can affect your child’s life in a healthy way.

Technique is the way to achieve what you want to play. A good technique from the beginning is a guarantee that you will be able to play whatever you like and that you can make it sound as you want. A good technique requires you to get to know the tools for piano playing and to learn how to use them.  In other words, the way the brain controls the proper movements of fingers, hands, arms and complete body in order to get the best results with less effort.

Rhythm is like the heartbeat of music. Without it, music is nothing. That is why rhythmical education is so important. Younger children will learn rhythm in combination with language skills, which are quite similar. By singing lyrics with the songs, they get to know about the rhythmical schemes.

The method of how to learn in the most effective way is about teaching how children learn best. Playing a dull endless repeating of a piece won’t help to learn it in a good manner. We have to know how the brain works and how to use our resources in order to learn quickly and effectively. With the younger ones we use toys and games. Then the learning process will be fun and lead to success!