When you decide to learn the piano you make the decision to practice every day and to maintain discipline. Here are a couple of tips for how you can support your child in his or her journey.


Usually the first obstacle is learning the piece. As soon as you have read it and are able to play, the practicing will be more fun. Make sure to take the learning of reading the notes very seriously! At the beginning, this will take most of your child’s time and effort. According to age, children will need a lot of active support in doing this. Please help your child to learn the notes at an early age. Then they can move on fast because they will not struggle with the reading!

Practicing is easier when you know how to do it. Younger children need a lot of parental support with practicing. That is why we ask the parents of the younger children to assist in the lessons. With the knowledge you obtain in the lesson, you will be able to help your child better in the study at home.

Depending on the age and the level of difficulty, the time for practicing will increase. That is why we would like parents to consider which activities are the most important ones. It’s important not to over schedule with numerous activities because that will keep your child so busy that there is no time and energy left for practicing.